Ilaria Carnevale was born on 8 August 1996 in a city near Rome, Italy. Since she was a child, she liked draw and making creative things, her first drawings are about cartoons she watched on tv.

In high school, her passion about mangas and animes starts to intensifie especially because she started to watch animes on the program MTV.

At that time MTV broadcasted animes like: Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha. At the same time she starts to read mangas when she found one of them (It was the FMA gold edition) in a bookshop, After that she never stopped to read mangas and then she understood her way, she wanted to be able to make alive her characters with her stories and illustrations. Right now she's working as a freelancer illustrator.

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  • Screenwriting course at Lucca Manga school (Italy,Tuscany)

  • Graduation in Graphic design attended at Pantheon Design & Technology Istitute (Rome, Italy).​

  • Basic course at European manga Academy (Italy,Tuscany).​

  • Comic course, manga section attended at SRF (Scuola Romana del Fumetto, Italy).


  • Illustrator for the Black List company (2017-2020).​​

  • Participation as an illustrator for the collective artbook “Gemesis” published by BlackList (2018-2019).​

  • Participation as an illustrator for the collective artbook "D.O.M.A. - Diary of magic adventures” published by Tora edizioni (2019).

  • Illustrator with Shui Entertainment (2019).​

  • Illustrator for the Vitamin Sea magazine (Christmas special 2019) published by Shui Entertainment (2019)